Annual Report 2006-2007

Message from the dean
Portland State University is energetic, rapidly growing, and poised for ever greater leadership in the future. The university is just over 60 years old and, compared with most other universities in America, is just in its adolescence. Its location in the heart of downtown Portland provides students and faculty boundless opportunities for learning, research, and service.

The dynamic Portland metropolitan area and Portland State University lead the region in advancing environmental sustainability. Strong educational and social service programs play a major role in improving our quality of life. Well-prepared professionals are the key to quality programs in all areas. The PSU Graduate School of Education (GSE) guides its elementary, secondary- and post secondary school and human service partners in leading edge educational and social service improvements.

It is my pleasure to present you with this annual report of the GSE. I have shared some of the information on these pages with alumni and community leaders throughout the year, and the reaction has often been, “Wow, I didn’t know the GSE did all of that!” In this brief annual report, we provide just a snapshot of the accomplishments of our faculty, students, and alumni. I have no doubt that you too will respond, “Wow!”

Randy Hitz, Dean

With more than 43 degree, certificate and licensure programs, the PSU Graduate School of Education is the most comprehensive education school in Oregon. The GSE awarded more than 530 degrees in the 2006-07 academic year ─ a 90 percent increase since 1999. This makes the school the third largest degree-granting department and the single largest producer of graduate degrees (38 percent) at Portland State. In addition, more than 700 individuals were recommended for approximately 800 licenses. Our faculty produced more than 350 scholarly publications and presentations last year and garnered over $1.75 million in grants and contracts. We also received over $250,000 in gifts.

In addition to the many programs offered by the GSE that are funded through general fund dollars and tuition, the GSE has expanded access to preservice training programs and professional development (e.g., noncredit workshops and conferences, credit courses, licensure and degree programs) for preK-20 educators, counselors, and trainers year-round and throughout the state of Oregon, the region, the United States and the world by offering them through Summer Session and Continuing Education. Through these additional programs, more than 8,000 people took advantage of distance, face-to-face, partially online, and fully online opportunities. The Graduate School of Education also assists schools and districts by developing demonstration classrooms, providing coaching and consulting, conducting third-party evaluations for major initiatives, and collaborating in a variety of ways (e.g., on grant writing, placing student teachers and administrators, counselors, and librarians in training).

This is a nearly 90 percent increase from 1999 to 2006. The number of graduates decreased in 2006 but is expected to remain steady or increase slightly in 2007. The GSE faculty consistently generate over $1.75 million per year in external grants and contracts.

GSE philosophy—guiding principles

  • We create and sustain educational environments that serve all students and address diverse needs
  • We encourage and model exemplary programs and practices across the life span
  • We build our programs on the human and cultural richness of the university’s urban setting
  • We model professionalism and develop collaborative efforts that foster our mission
  • We challenge assumptions about our practice and accept the risks inherent in following our convictions
  • We develop our programs to promote social justice, especially for groups that have been historically disenfranchised
  • We strive to understand the relationships among culture, curriculum, and practice and the long-term implications for ecological sustainability
  • We model thoughtful inquiry as a basis for sound decision-making

The Graduate School of Education has many outstanding students. Many achieve high academic honors, often while overcoming extraordinary personal challenges. The following are a few examples of students who have been recognized by the GSE, the university, and the larger community.

René A. Pearson—MEd, ’07 What makes a remarkable teacher? Is it scholastic achievement? Is it recognition and service? Is it caring for students? All of these and more are true of René Pearson. “René above all else loves the children in her care.” said her university supervisor, Nick Karafotias. “You can see it in her teaching, see it in her eyes, and hear it in her voice as she talks about why she wants to be a teacher.”

Community service is a priority for Ms. Pearson. She previously worked at a local nonprofit and also studied abroad with cohort leader Dr. Susan Lenski, traveling to Guatemala to work with rural students in Mayan schools. Ms. Pearson received a Ford Foundation Opportunity Grant that supported her undergraduate and graduate work in English as a second language. Despite the demands of two master’s degree programs, she found time to publish an article with co-author Dr. Susan Lenski, in the Oregon English Journal, the official journal of the Oregon Council of Teachers of English, and also presented at both the TESOL Graduate Student Conference and the American Association of Women in Community Colleges.

This spring Ms. Pearson received a commendation award from the Graduate School of Education that made her eligible for the University Award of Excellence. She is this year’s university winner. “She has exhibited the highest standards of scholarship and professionalism,” said her professor, Gayle Thieman. Ms. Pearson has accepted an assignment teaching humanities at Alder Creek Middle School in North Clackamas School District. They are getting a very accomplished first-year teacher.

MaLynda Wolfer—MEd, ’07 While working in one of the most challenging Portland high schools, MaLynda Wolfer saw “passion and possibilities” in all her students. She is a 2007 graduate with a master’s in education and a bachelor of science in mathematics.

Ms. Wolfer chose Portland State’s Graduate Teacher Education Program because she “wanted to be in a program that appreciated and prepared teachers from diverse backgrounds.” As a fi rst-generation college graduate, she is focused on helping students with challenges to reach their full potential. Through her experiences at PSU, Ms. Wolfer has learned to believe in her own abilities and wants to be a catalyst for her students. She said, “It is my desire to work with students who don’t have the same advantages as other students or who may face barriers in their educational pursuits.”

Her tenacity and hard work have paid off. She was a recipient of both the Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship and the Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, enabling her to reach her educational goals. She recently accepted a position at Gresham High School, teaching beginning trigonometry and calculus.

Helen Gordon Center maintains full enrollment of 180 students ages six months to six years, and has a continuous waitlist numbering over 300.

Simona Blagaila—MEd, ’07 Simona Blagaila, was the first person in her family to get a college education, and she came a long way to get it. Ms. Blagaila is from Romania where her family experienced religious persecution. They eventually moved to the United States where she learned English and Spanish, completed high school, and dreamed of getting a degree.

As a classroom assistant at a multicultural school, she discovered a passion for teaching students who were facing the same challenges that she had had with integrating to a different culture and learning a second language. Ms. Blagaila believes this is what she was meant to do: create a safe and challenging learning environment for children. The Bilingual Teacher Pathway Program at PSU provided her with the opportunity to gain a teaching degree.

“Simona is one of the truly gifted educational assistants,” says speech language pathologist Nancy Blum. She is one of this year’s recipients of the Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship. She worked as a bilingual instructional assistant in special education at Alder Elementary School in Reynolds School District and is the district’s Romanian interpreter and translator. She also coordinates the school’s soccer program.

Karyn Renehan—counselor education student Karyn Renehan is this year’s winner of the Carol and Larry Burden Student Recognition Award. She is entering her f nal year in the School Counseling Program at Portland State and serves as the graduate assistant in the onsite counseling clinic.

With school counseling as her goal, Ms. Renehan supplements her studies with volunteer work at local schools. She has a special rapport with students and has mentored students in need. She also facilitates a group working on career readiness at Roosevelt High School. They focus on résumé building, interviewing skills, and job seeking.

“She is admired by many of her colleagues as a talented, enthusiastic clinician and, more currently, peer supervisor,” said her professor, Lisa Aasheim. “Her academic coursework reflects a deep understanding of the dynamics and multifaceted nature of school counseling.”

Despite the financial strain of taking additional courses, Ms. Renehan supplements her core coursework with additional education in the addictions and marriage and family counseling fields. She maintains strong clinical acuity and wisdom as she integrates her knowledge of mental health and child development with her ability to facilitate change.

Friends of the Graduate School of Education
The mission of the Friends group is to support the GSE by building a sense of community and pride through expanding and maintaining connections with alumni and friends. Composed of alumni, community members, retired faculty, and other supporters, the Friends host breakfasts and other activities. The group offers scholarships specifically directed to areas that have teacher shortages.

Jane Morrow is this year’s chair of the Friends of the Graduate School of Education. Jane and her husband Bob are tireless volunteers and philanthropists committed to helping young people realize their full potential. The Morrows actively support a wide range of Portland State programs, such as Viking Athletics and the Helen Gordon Child Development Center, where they furnished the Cedar Classroom. The couple was honored this year with the university’s Simon Benson Award.

Alumni highlights

PSU alum wins top honors
Alumna Jackie Cooke was named Oregon’s 2006-07 Teacher of the Year by Susan Castillo, state superintendent of public instruction. Ms. Cooke is a first grade teacher at West Gresham Grade School and teaches professional development locally and nationally. Her focus is on problem solving because she says this skill is key to preparing students for an ever-changing career environment. “Jackie is an outstanding example of excellence in the classroom, leadership, commitment to teaching, and involvement in the community. Jackie’s passion for math and the importance of learning a second language will help our state make progress in the preparation of our workforce and our students for the 21st century,” Ms. Castillo said. Ms. Cooke recently co-authored A Guide to Oregon’s New K-5 Math Focal Points (PSU Continuing Education Press, 2007) for the PSU Center for Student Success. She is also a co-editor of The Oregon Mathematics Teacher magazine.

Linda Gerber, EdD, ’94 named president of PCC Sylvania campus
From driving a school bus to serving as a college president, when it comes to careers in education, Linda Gerber has done it all. She recently capped a 30-year career in college administration with her appointment as president of the Sylvania Campus of Portland Community College.

Dr. Gerber started at PCC as a 24-yearold single mother of three, working at a variety of jobs. She transferred to PSU and earned a bachelor’s in English, a master’s in education and a doctorate in leadership in post secondary education, all at Portland State, while serving as a tutor, an instructor, and later as director of the Educational Opportunity Program at PSU. She worked as dean of humanities at Mt. Hood Community College, retiring in 2004 as dean of instruction. Who would guess she would soon be back at work again?

Recently, a friend asked Dr. Gerber, “How did you learn to be a college president?” She replied, “PSU’s Doctoral Program in Postsecondary Educational Leadership, directed by Mary Kinnick, gave me the solid foundation I needed to administer and lead a college.” Dr. Gerber applied ideas from every seminar in the doctoral program—from understanding and developing organizational culture to strategic planning and budgeting—in real life administrative work. Secondly, Dr. Alice Jacobson, who taught in PSU’s doctoral program and was then Sylvania campus president, was her mentor.

“For me educating young people and adults isn’t a job, it’s a calling,” says Dr. Gerber. Her work at PCC is currently focused on creating an environment that will encourage students to understand and become active in issues related to sustainability and social justice—also important guiding principles for her alma mater, PSU.

Philanthropy in action – the Ames Scholars

Five Ames scholarships are awarded each year to exemplary students who are pursuing careers in education and have extensive multicultural experience. In fall 2007, five more students will receive support, bringing the total to 35.

The Ames Scholars are making their mark in education and proving that a significant investment in students is life changing. Awardees include special education teachers, a college director of diversity, a social studies teacher whose students raise money for low-income schools, a Spanish immersion teacher, a charter school Japanese instructor, a high school math teacher, and a bilingual elementary school teacher.

“If everyone does what they can do to help improve our children’s and hence society’s future, we would, indeed, have a better world.” — Barbara Ames

The benefactors of these deserving students are Barbara and Gary Ames. Both graduated from Portland State University and have since enjoyed successful careers in the U.S. and abroad. “At no point did we forget how PSU prepared us for our professional lives, so upon our return to the Pacific Northwest in 2000 we resolved to make a significant investment in PSU,” said Gary Ames. This became a 10- year pledge for scholarships to the Graduate School of Education, along with major gifts to the School of Business Administration.

Barbara Ames, ’68, is a former elementary school teacher and Gary Ames, ’67, is a former president and CEO of US West Communications, MediaOne International, and Mountain Bell. The couple received PSU’s 2006 Simon Benson Award as “outstanding citizens and philanthropists.”

Ames Scholar inspires kids who struggle
Many students at PSU are nontraditional in that they have returned to school at a later time, often after they are already working and have a family. Khandice Love made the decision to seek a degree during a difficult time in her life. Being accepted to the Graduate Teacher Education Program not only gave her hope for the future, but a mission to help children who were struggling in school, as she had. “As an African American student, I experienced many barriers in my earlier years in urban schools,” says Ms. Love. She wanted to become a change agent for others and an inspiration for her own children.

“I felt I really wanted to do something that I would enjoy and feel proud of—something that my kids would be able to say with pride when asked, ‘What does your mom do?’” she says. As a person of color in a predominantly white school, she sets an example for her students, demonstrating that people of color can be successful too. Students in her classroom are encouraged to speak their minds without fear of being ridiculed by others.

“Khandice is an outstanding, extremely dedicated woman,” says Barbara Ames. “One of the things I like most is the way she fulfills the Ames Scholarship mission.”

Ms. Love teaches social studies and is one of the most popular teachers at Westview High School in Beaverton.

Scholarships pave the way

2006-07 Graduate School of Education scholarship awards

  • Todd B. Aschoff – Michael and Marjorie Fiasca Endowed Scholarship, $1000, and Friends of the GSE Scholarship$850
  • Brittaney N. Bearson – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Janice I. Bilodeaux – Helen Farrens Library/ Media Scholarship, $3000
  • Patricia R. Birney – Mary Elizabeth York Early Childhood Endowed Scholarship and Laurels Tuition Remission, $250
  • Simona D. Blagaila – Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship, $2500
  • Allison W. Blakely – Joe Kaplan Scholarship, $1000
  • Rachael L. Bloch – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Tricia M. Bongen – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Kristie Buckowski – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Lisa Bullock – Learning Disabilities Foundation of Oregon Scholarship, $3000
  • Carol Campbell – Oregon Sports Lottery Graduate Scholarship, $5000
  • Linda Campillo – Helen Farrens Library/ Media Scholarship, $1500
  • Stacy C. Carleton – Sandy Kaplan Scholarship, $1000
  • Michelle R. Colbert – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Lynn C. Conley – Benenson Scholarship, $1000
  • Alexis A. Cullerton – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Tricia L. Curl – Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Joseph F. Dagostino – Ames Scholarship, $5100
  • Ellyn J. Demaree – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Seth D. Denlinger – Capps Family Scholarship, $1000
  • Patricia A. Faris – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Olga A. Filinova – Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship, $2500
  • Amanda M. Fontana – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Leah Grant – Nancy Benson Scholarship, $500
  • Chadwick C. Hamilton – Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Nora A. Hatfi eld – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Laura R. Hayes – Ames Scholarship, $5100
  • Chad I. Honl – Laurels Tuition Remission Sarah K. Hopkins – David Kimmel Memorial Scholarship, $1600
  • Jesse D. Hunter – Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Robin L. Judd – Teach for Diversity Scholarship, $1200
  • Catherine L. Kernodle – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • NamKirn K. Khalsa – Phyllis Edmundson Honorary Scholarship, $2000
  • Yomaira Lampi – David Kimmel Memorial Scholarship, $1600
  • Chrysanthius R. Lathan – Teach for Diversity, $1600
  • Wendi Laurence – Homeier-Anderson Doctoral Scholarship, $1000
  • Ashley C. Lindberg – Norbert Gilles Endowed Scholarship, $1000
  • Sonia M. Lugo-Estrada – Ames Scholarship, $5100
  • Chiara M. Maltese – Wayne Larson Endowed Scholarship, $1500
  • Joyce E. McBride – Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education, $1000
  • Jane G. McGraw – Ames Scholarship, $5100
  • Kesia D. Micheletti – Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1000; and Learning Disabilities Foundation of Oregon Scholarship, $3000
  • Kathleen S. Molony – Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education, $1000
  • Monica E. Molsee – Laurels Tuition Remission Kyle A. Mullen – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Kyle P. Nagelmann – Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1000; and Learning Disabilities Foundation of Oregon Scholarship, $3000
  • Terry L. O’Brien – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Margo O’Connell – Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Kathryn A. O’Neil – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Amanda L. Orand – Fred Thompson Scholarship, $2000
  • Jeff K. Ortman – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Tiesha Parchment – Art Terry Scholarship, $1000
  • Heather J. Paton – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Elvira M. Quintero-Nanbu – Sandy Kaplan Scholarship, $1000
  • Laura K. Riley – Jorgensen Family Endowed Scholarship, $1000
  • Zachary Rodecap – Teach for Diversity, $1400
  • Christa M. Rogers – Phyllis Edmundson Honorary Scholarship, $2000
  • Derek Scanlon – Founders Endowment in Special Education Scholarship, $500
  • Caroline K. Scott – Eleanor Hardt Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education, $1000
  • Marcie C. Scranton – Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship, $2500
  • Nichole J. Smith – Fred Thompson Scholarship, $2000
  • Heidi M. Stadtlander – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Amber J. Steffes – Mary Kinnick PACE Scholarship, $1000, and GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Heidi Stoker – Nancy Benson Scholarship, $250
  • Tonya M. Taylor – Friends of the GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Amanda J. Teague – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Lelainya M. Tollner – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Eduardo Santiago Vega – Ames Scholarship, $5100
  • John Walrod – Nancy Benson Scholarship, $250
  • Ceanna L. Walton – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Kristin E. Werts – Sheldon Maron Endowed Scholarship, $1000
  • MaLynda L. Wolfer – Janette Drew Endowed Scholarship, $3000
  • Melissa L. Womer – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Desiree R. Zak – GSE Scholarship, $1000
  • Amy M. Zehner – David Kimmel Memorial Scholarship, $1600

Focus on faculty

James Bickford, EdD, has received two substantial U.S. Department of Education OSEP grants this year. The first is a Personnel Preparation grant for $800,000 to fund Project BRAILLE, which prepares teachers of children with visual impairments and supports PSU’s distance-delivered vision education program. The second is a Research to Practice (Steppingstones of Technology) project. This is a two-year, $400,000 research grant investigating the use of assistive technology to teach early Braille literacy skills to blind children.

Chris Borgmeier, PhD, is conducting research and outreach in schools on how to: improve school climate, reduce problem behavior, increase instructional time, and effectively support students with challenging behavior through a model known as Positive Behavior Support. He is working with school districts, regional service providers, and a state-level organization to implement district planning and professional development efforts to support sustainable systemic change for students with challenging behavior.

Christine Cress, PhD, serves as the curriculum designer and trainer for the Faculty Fellows Institute for Political Engagement at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at Stanford University. Utilizing as a guide her best-selling textbook (coauthored with Peter Collier and Vicki Reitenauer), Learning through Serving: A Student Guidebook for Service-Learning across the Disciplines (Stylus, 2005), this two-year project involves assisting 24 faculty members from across California with developing and assessing new service-learning courses.

Ramin Farahmandpur, PhD, has written and published extensively on a wide range of issues and topics, including multicultural education, neoliberalism, imperialism, globalization, and critical pedagogy. His most recent book (co-authored with Peter McLaren) is entitled Teaching Against Global Capitalism and the New Imperialism: A Critical Pedagogy (Rowman & Littlefield, 2005). It has been translated and published in Spanish and Portuguese, and a Farsi translation is currently underway.

Samuel Henry, PhD, currently serves as chairperson for the Oregon Commission on Children and Families, which is the largest umbrella advocacy group for children and families in Oregon. For 30 years, Dr. Henry has worked to further education and inclusion, including 15 years in the PSU Graduate School of Education teaching multicultural and urban education.

Hanoch Livneh, PhD, professor and coordinator of the Rehabilitation Counseling Program, has co-edited, with Dr. Erin Martz, Coping with Chronic Illness and Disability: Theoretical, Empirical, and Clinical Aspects (Springer, 2007). The book synthesizes the growing literature on coping styles and strategies by analyzing how individuals with chronic illness or disability face challenges, find and use their strengths, and alter their environment to fit their life-changing realities.

Leslie Munson, PhD, and Julie Esparza Brown, MS, are co-principal investigators on a new grant-funded program, Pathways to Preparing Culturally Responsive Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Educators. The Pathways program will recruit and support instructional assistants who are bilingual and/or bicultural or wish to work with children with learning disabilities to become licensed early intervention/special education teachers. Ms. Esparza Brown is also the principal investigator on Portland State University’s Project BiSPED, which will coordinate with a consortium of school districts and community colleges to provide a high-quality, research-based initial licensure program in high-incidence special education to bilingual/bicultural instructional assistants.

Julie Esparza Brown received the President’s Diversity Award from former PSU president Dan Bernstein. The university honored her for her ongoing leadership and commitment to diversity.

Dannelle Stevens, PhD, recently published her second book (coauthored with Antonia Levi), Introduction to Rubrics: An Assessment Tool to Save Grading Time, Convey Effective Feedback and Promote Student Learning (Stylus Press, 2005) focused on helping faculty improve their classroom instruction through better communication of grading criteria through the use of rubrics. Her third book (coauthored with Joanne Cooper), Journal Keeping: How to Use Reflective Writing for Teaching and Learning, Professional Insight, and Personal Change (Stylus Press, 2007), is designed to help faculty understand the value of journal keeping.

Yer Thao, PhD, has published The Mong Oral Tradition: Cultural Memory in the Absence of Written Language (McFarland & Company, 2006). The volume explores the lives of 13 Mong elders who came to the U.S. as refugees from the Communist regime that seized control of Laos in 1975. With emphasis on their unique oral tradition and cultural practices, the book discusses Mong rituals, tribal customs, religious beliefs, and educational experiences. The author is a member of the Mong culture and brings a personal perspective to preserving the oral traditions of this unique ethnicity.

GSE represented nationally
The Graduate School of Education is fortunate this year to have three faculty serving in leadership positions in national professional organizations.

Randy Hitz, PhD, dean of the GSE, serves as the chairman of the board for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). On July 1, 2007 he completed his first year as dean in PSU’s Graduate School of Education. Prior to this, Dr. Hitz was a professor and dean of the College of Education at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He has more than 33 years experience in the field of education, with a primary focus on early childhood and teacher education.

Gayle Thieman, EdD, is the current president of the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), the largest association in the nation devoted solely to social studies education. Dr. Thieman also teaches and supervises preservice teachers as a cohort leader in the Graduate Teacher Education Program, specializing in social studies methods and technology.

Joanne Yatvin, PhD, is the president of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). She is an adjunct instructor at Portland State University, working with early career teachers. She is a member of the board of the Oregon Council of Teachers of English (OCTE) and a past president of the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English. In addition, Dr. Yatvin has served as president of the Madison (WI) Area Reading Council and the Portland (OR) Reading Council. Her career in public schools spans more than 40 years.

Gifts to the GSE
The Graduate School of Education is grateful to all its generous supporters. The following lists include all gifts from July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007.

$25,000 and above
Barbara and Gary Ames, Ames Family Foundation
The Boeing Company
Carnegie Corporation of New York

Ulrich Hardt and the Oregon Writing Festival
Harold and Joan Jorgensen
Joseph Kaplan
Learning Disabilities Foundation of Oregon
Marta and Kenneth Thrasher, Thrasher Family Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Jamie and Michael Anderson
Alexander Benenson
Steve and Mary Brannan
Roger and Jan Capps
Charles Clemans and Nancy Hungerford
Dubois Law Firm, LCC
Colin and Patricia Dunkeld
Jacob Henegar
Randy and Lynn Hitz
Shelley and Jim Kamikawa
Mary Kinnick and Mary Beth VanCleave
Jane and Robert Morrow
Richard and Joann Sonnen
Starbucks Coffee Company
Patricia Winn

Scott and Bridget Dawson
Nancy Falconer
GBD Architects, Inc.
Linda and Eugene Holt
Loren and Martha Hotchkiss
Susan Lenski
Colleen and Kenneth Lewis
Oregon Education Association
Joy Spalding
Anna Mae and Michael Tichy
Peter and Jo Ann Wight
Sandra Wiscarson

AEC Research, Inc.
Gwendolyn and Stuart Beals
Laura Casey
Marlene and Mark Cvetko
Richard Davis
Amy Driscoll
Cheryl and Hanoch Livneh
Gail Maron
Stephanie McBride
Marietta Miick
Alden Peterson
Julie and William Reiersgaard
Darwin and Marjorie Reveal
Trina and Bradley Robertson
David Sampsell
Paul and Patricia Steger
Larry and Holly Welch
David and Nolene Wheeler
Georgia Young

Marilyn Adair
Janine and Ernest Allen
John Anderson
Virginia Anderson
Ruthann and James Audritsh
Sharon Baker
Florence and Stephen Balog
Anne and Steven Bayer-Tessler
Charles Beckel
Kimberley and Frederick Benson
James Booth
Colleen Bourassa
Ann and Earl Bremer
Julia Butorac
Karyn Byers
James and Susan Carlile
Betty and Leo Carrithers
Anna Case
Christine Chaillé
Richard and Heide Cole
Nancy Conover
Jackie and Wesley Cooke
Shirley Coyner
Christine Cress
Beverlee and Stuart Cutler
Carol and Michael Daley
Janice and Ralph Daniels
Georgia and Henry Deetz
Linda DeVries
Richard Dobrow
Tom Dornan
Jeannine Douglas
Denise and Mark Downing
Dr. T & His Orchestra
Lorraine Drougas
John and Charlane Drumm
Sean and Lena Dubois
Patricia and James Edwards
Mary Filiberti
Betty and James Flad
Robert Ford
Lise Foyston
Ann and E. Fredricks
Page Frisch
Kerby Gault
Shirley Gersen-Brock
Elizabeth and Willis Gill
Georg and Melanie Grathoff
Judy and Paul Grauer
Carol Greene
Alan and Monica Grinnell
Marsha and Michael Gustkey
Robert and Peggy Hanson
Linda Harris
Susan and Jerome Hein
John Heinitz
Nancy and George Heisley
Ruth and Paul Herrington
Helen Hess
Diane and Jack Hiegel-Bazler
Betty Hirsch
Mary Holcomb
Mark and Ingeborg Holliday
Elizabeth and Tom Hultin
Stephen Isaacson
Mary and Darwin Isensee
Dirk and Gayla Iwata-Reuyl
Mary Jackson
Jean and Richard Josephson
Lisa and Paul Kane
Priya Kapoor
Helen and Richard Keagle
Maureen Kenny
Margaret Kilmer
Terri and Scott King
Kristin and Donald Klotter
Merle and John Kovash
Charles and Arlene Kuhnhausen
Katherine and William Lamb
Donna Lane
Jack and Susan Lane
Lynne and Clifford Lansdon
Dianna and Gene Laughlin
Mimi Lettunich
Norman and Janet Locke
Philip and Lori Long
Evelyn and David Lowry
Joyce Lozito
Arland and Sharon Lyons
Jane and Calvin Malmquist
Christy Marshall
Jane Martin
Sharon Martine
Patricia Mathews
Cheryl and James McGrew
Marilyn and Timothy McGuire
Heather McNassar
Pamela Meredith
Anne Mileham
Fran Moga
Elizabeth Morrison
Leslie and Thomas Munson
Gretchen and Gregory Nelson
Barbara and Jerry Newmark
Peggy and Robert Nitschke
Lois Northrup
Annmarie O’Brien
John Odonnell
Amy O’Neill
Aleta Parker
William Parnell
Rick and Laure Patrick
Gretchen and Robert Peets
Dorothy and Neff Powell
James and Harriett Quinn
Bill Ray
Anne-Elizabeth Riis
Eleanor Ritter
Sarah and Garry Rowley
John Rushong
Gary and Jean Salyers
Linda and Thomas Samek
Kathryn Samsom
Barbara Schiewe-Bolstad
Gerald and Margaret Scovil
Wandra Seawell Deuhart
Levonne Sedgwick
Marion Sharp
Karen Shoen-Stenzel
Pati Sluys
Timothy and Paula Smith
Larry Snyder
Jeanette Soby
Jayne Sowers
Julia Spence
Susan Storms
Michael and Carol Stout
Kathryn and James Stromvig
James and Rachelan Stronach
Deena and Daniel Strunk
Carol-Wray Sturgill
Susan and Von Summers
Shirley and John Sutton
Peggy Swanson
Richard and Jean Theisen
Terri and Walter Theisen
Camille and Hank Tomlinson
David Tourzan
Jocelyn and Thomas Tuthill
John and Marilyn Ubik
Lisa Walleri
Anne and Philip Wax
Ann and Stephen Weisensee
Betty Welch
Joan Welch
James and Carol Wells
Jerry and Lucille Wilkins
Dilafruz Williams
Christina and Reed Wilson
Maryann Wilson
Donald and Marlene Winn
Joann and Leonard Workman
Gretchen Yost

Up to $100
Donald and Joan Aaberg
Teresa and Bruce Abel
Nancy Abens
Harriet Adair
Kimberly and David Adams
Virginia and Bruce Adams
Kathleen and Joe Adrian
John and Mindy Akers
Sharon Aldridge
Susan and John Alin
Kathleen and Mark Allen
Terri and Walter Amacher
Jean and Peter Amonson
Janet Amundson
Bonnie Anderson
Mike and Cathie Anderson
Lu Ann Anderson
Robin Andrea
Linnae and Michael Angerinos
Beverly and Tim Annala
Kathryn Anthony
Jackie Arden
Patricia and James Arneson
Suzanne and Dale Auvil
Judy and Michael Ayers
Burton Backman
Patricia Baggett
Sharon and James Bailey
Janet Baillie
Elaine and Melvyn Ball
Linda Bannister
Rebecca Bard
Lou and Richard Barela
Donna Barker
Beverly Basaraba
Cynthia and Bill Bauer
Jacqueline Bauer
Karin Beagle
Ann and Larrie Beasley Easterly
Carolyn and Chellis Beavers
Emily Behunin
Ursula Bendix
Desirae Benfit
R. Berlin
Dianna Bernklau
Daniel Bernstine
Gretchen Berretta
Joan and David Berry
Susan Bertotti
Kierstan Betancourt
Mary Betzing
Christina and Larry Bialas
James Bickford
Joanne and William Bieker
Erline and Larry Binkerd
Angela Blanchette
Cheryl Bland
Tom and Joanne Board
Anita and Curtis Boardman
Rose Bond
Sandra and James Boon
Frank Boothby
Cynthia Borgmeier
Joanne and James Borsberry
Donna Boudreau
Teri and Edward Boyatt
Barbara Brent
Barbara and William Briare
Roberta Brice
Margie and Gerald Brickley
Sandra and Charles Bristol
B. and William Brough
Mary and Edward Brown
Matt Brown
Thelma Brown
Walter G. Brown, Jr. Living Trust
Joanne Bruno
James and Mary Ann Buck
Thomas Buck
Jerome and Shirley Buckmier
Shannon Buerk
Jewel Bundy
Michael Burdick
Norma and Edwin Burgstahler
Karen Burkhart
Eleanor Burton
Sidney and Maurice Caba
Kaia Cabana
Frances and Richard Cansler
Mary and James Cantrell
Elizabeth Caplan
James and Joan Carhart
Catherine and Craig Carlson
Jeanne Carlson
Patrick Carlson
Linda Carpenter
Amelia and Michael Caruso
Micki Caskey
Barbara and Vernon Chase
James Chellis
Janice and Bruce Clarke-Reiter
Frederick Clayton
Lionel Clegg
Patricia and Jon Coble
Anne Cockrell
Crystal Coffey
Davene Cohen
Mary Cohen
Mark and Loretta Coleman
Edwin and Sarah Collier
Nancy Combs
Beatrice and William Cook
Betty and James Cook
Shannon and David Cooper-Campagna
Carroll Copple
LeAnne Cox
Lori Craig
Shirley Crawford
Laurie and Brian Crouser
Ronald and Margaret Crisman
Aimee Cuervo-Arango
Valli and Jim Cummings
Christine and Craig Cunningham
Leota Cutler
Barbara Daines-Roybal
Rosemary and Alfred Daniels
Molly Davies
Gloria Davis
Joanne and Jim Davis
Linda Davis
Tana and Thomas Dearborn
Emily de la Cruz
Katherine and John DeLay
Paula Dennis
Rene and Michael Dernbach
Jennifer Diallo
Margaret Dials
Alodie and Donald Didier
Nancy and W. Diehl
Janice Dolan
Marilyn Dold
Sandra and Robert Donis
Nancy and Edward Dougherty
Cynthia Douglas
Johnnie Driessner
Mary and David Dunham
Judith Dunlap
Christopher Durbin
Donna Easter
Kathryn and Garry Eisenzimmer
Barbara Elliott
Andrew Emert
Wendy and William Endress
Bonnie and Daniel English
Dean and Marilyn Erickson
Pamela and Eric Erickson
Jill and John Evans
Julie Evans
Mary Fahrer
Ruth Falco
Maureen Farren
Keith and Ann Ferrell
William and Phyllis Feusahrens
Jeanne and Keith Fishback
Diane Fisker
Kathleen Flanagan
Joanne Fossatti
Gladys Foster
Janet and William Ford
Luanne and Stephen Fordney
Laurie and Roger Fosmark
Lynne and Tom Fowler
Kathleen and John Franklin
Frances Fredericks
Jacqueline Freni-Rothschild
Katherine and Robert Friedemann
Frank Froberg
Judith and John Fryer
Karen Gama
Bert and Sandra Garner
Erin Garvin
Janyce and Donn Gassaway
Shari Gent
Gwendolyn and William Gerald
Patricia and Arthur Gerlach
Susan Gerritz
Barbara and Duane Gibson
Ralph and Cynthia Gilliam
Michael and Jean Gleason
Elizabeth and Larry Goble
Janet and Melvin Goldberg
Rita Goodwin
Sunny Graham
Devora Gramson
Gina Gray
James Greenblatt
John Greene
Maralee Greeno
Marcia and Osmond Gregor Garrick
Amrit and Jagdish Grewal
Eric Gronseth
Elaine and Gordon Grose
Teresa Grove
Paul Grover
Alice and Gerald Guthrie
Marjorie and Gilbert Gwilliam
Robin Gwinn
Scott and Barbara Hacke’
Evelyn Haertel
Sally and Earl Haggart
Rita and Charles Hale
Elizabeth and Harvey Hall
Selene and J Hall
Delpha and Gordon Hammerle
Karen and Robert Hammond
Margaret and Claude Hampton
Eun-Chung Han
Nancy and Randolph Hansell
Anita and Philip Harder
Meredith Hardin
Jane and Darrell Harris
Baree and Dave Hart
Patricia Haugen
John Havrilek
Barbara Hawkins
Deborah Hawkins
Nancy Hawkins-Gurney
Hans Hawley
Barbara and Gordon Haynes
Joanne and David Haynes
Arthur and Judith Hayward
John Havrilek
Jennifer and Scott Hay–Roe
James Heath
Marsha Heims
Louise Hein
Alan and Jennette Heitschmidt
Marjorie Helland
Amy and Walter Henry
Nancy Heringer
Lucille Herman
Amy Herrington
Camela Hicks-Alexander
Ruth and Clark Hofmann
Glen and Jean Hogin
Martha and Stanley Holm
Catherine and John Holmes
Barbara Hopkins
Margaret and Alton Hooten
Christine and Matthew Horne
Colleen Howard
Robert and Margaret Hume
Kathryn Hunt
Nancy and Donald Humphries
Thomas Hutchinson
E. Hyde
Aida Iranzo
Ann Jackson
Marilyn Jackson
Linda Jager
Debilyn and Joe Janota
Lynn Jarvis
Penny Jasso
Marcine Jenck
Ruth Jensen
Arthur and Carolyn Johns
Ann and Gary Johnson
C. Johnson
Marijean and Brett Johnson
Nancy and Philip Johnson
Patrick Johnson
Shelley Johnson
Sue Johnson
Julie and Richard Johnson-Smith
Deborah and Bryan Jonathan
Gail and Nathan Jones
Hazel and Gerald Jones
Robin and Wayne Jones
Sherman Kalina
Valerie and Doug Katagiri
Michael Keith
Sonja Kelley
Marlene Kelly
Heidi Kennedy
Marta Kerley
Dolores and William Kessinger
Letha and Richard Keyes
Mary Kilmer
Brenda and Kent Kimball
Patricia and Keith Kingsley
Pamela Kirkaldie
Phyllis and John Kirkwood
Leslie Kirschner
Iris and Russell Kissir
Joyce Kitchen
Virginia and Gilbert Kleweno
Kathryn and John Klump
Timothy and Rebecca Kniser
Alice Koenig
Steven and Kathleen Kolb
George Konzek
Diane and Dirk Koopman
Elizabeth and Paul Koshy-Pierson
Suzanne and David Krause
Mary and David Krug
Janey Kupferman
Annielaurie and Jason Kutch
Marietta and Glen Kuykendall
Ruth and Donald LaFrance
Donna Lamarche
Rita Jean and Earl Lambert
Frances and Richard Lancefi eld
Ellen and Russell Langwig
Nancy and Timothy Larson
Florence Later
Margaret Lawler
Helen Lawrence
Rosemary Lee
Ruth and Douglas Lee
Julie and Patrick Lee-Barr
Michael Lembach
Patricia and Michael Leonard
Herbert Lewis
Robert Lewis
Diana and S. Lilley
Tamara Lindemann
David and Carolyn Lindsey
Carl Lino
Marsha and Joseph Lipets-Maser
Amber Listenberger
Jody and Steve Little
Molly and Nicholas Little
Andrew Lockwood
Charles and Marcia Logan
Mary and Randy Logan
Betty London
Nancy and Christopher Longaker
Jill Loupin
Betty and Merrill Ludlam
Anita (Peterson) Lynn
Carol Mack
Beverly MacKinnon
Cynthia MacLeod
Jacquelynn MacPherson
John Manglona
Wayne and Sandra Marsonette
Robert and Janet Marsh
Erika and Andy Martin
Melody Martin
Rebecca Martin
Valerie and Gregory Martin
Elaine and Kenneth Mattson
Daniel and Mary Maurer
Therese Mazzarella
Barbara and Thomas McAllister
Hugh McCauley
Nancy and Dennis McCormick
Ladd McGowan
Roberta and Frank McKay
James McMahon
Constance and John McMullen
Doris and Robert McQueen
Lowell and Gertrude McVicker
John Mears
Carla Meilstrup
Tou and Chansouk Meksavanh
Joanne and Bill Meloy
Sue Merz
Christian Meyers
Mark and Michelle Miller
Merrie and Barry Miller
Myrna and Ed Miller
Virginia Milne
Jaclyn Mills
Barbara and Charles Mitchell
Lisa Mitchell
Angela Moore
Lynda and Brant Moore
Suzanne and Kevin Moore
Jessie and Samuel Morehouse
Catherine Morrell
Betty and Dean Morrison
Jolene Mortimore
Ann and Steve Morton
Sharon and George Mowry
Michele and John Mudd
Tonethe and Jarrall Mugg
Kevin Muir
Nancy and Santiago Muniz
Hazel and Wallace Murdock
John and Christine Murphy
Karen Murphy
Kolene Musgrove
Malca Muskin
John and Ann Myers
Leanne Neal
Vicki and David Nebel
Glenda and Paul Neerman
Amanda Nelson
Daniel and Joann Nelson
Joseph Nelson
Harry Newton
Teresa and John Nickens
Seth Niederberger
Mark Nolan
Karen Noordhoff
Catherine Normile
Mary and Oliver Norville
Beverly Notdurft
Patricia Numrich
Gordon and Lillian Nyberg
Mary Oberson
Barbara O’Brien
Albert and Eloyce O’Connor
Elizabeth and David Ohta
Oge Okorie
Anna Olds
Barbara Olson
Gerald Olson
Ned and Adele Olson
Harold and Elsie Onishi
Tanya Onzuka
Maurine and William Otos
Daniel and Jennifer Overbay
Gerry Owens
John and Kazuko Page
Helen Parent
Kitsie Parkinson
Antoinette and Wayne Parque
Judith Parsons
Julia Partlow
Daniel and Jennifer Patterson
Gerald and Deonne Peck
Theresa and Pat Peick
Barbara and Bill Pennell
Betsy and Mathew Penziol
Cailynn Pepion
Stephanie Perkins
Nancy Perry-Dale
Jeannie and Gregory Peters
Kelly and Scott Peterson
Lynn and Vernon Peterson
Wanda and Frank Phipps
Vickie Phillips
Crystal Pillifant
John and Sharon Poff
Mickey and Kathleen Poff
George and Suzette Polas
Thomas Polychronis
Maradee and John Potter
Jennifer Potts
Beverly Pratt
Jill Price
Barbara Prigohzy
Gayle Putnam
Irene and Dennis Quinn
Maureen Quinn
Carol and Ibrahim Qutub
David and Martha Radliff
Paul and Alba Rager
Barbara and Robert Rappleyea
Shiela Rector
Karen Redden
Noreen Regan
Wendy and Noel Reierson
Kenneth and Diane Reiner
Mark Reynolds
Barbara Rhiger
Deborah and Gary Rhoades
Kay and Dale Rhoney
Doreen Richards
Gary Riddle
Svetlana Riskin
Betty and Andrew Rivinus
Margaret Robinson
Elinore and James Rogers
Mary and James Rose
Susan and Kenneth Rossow
Esther and Roy Rucker
Ronda Ruge
Maree Rushlow
Marie and Michael Ryan
Patricia and Christopher Ryan
Frieda and Dennis Ryland
Charlotte and Jerry Sachtjen
Dorothy Sackett
Joan Sanford
Lynn Santelmann
Daniel Santry
Anna Sapienza
Dianne and Richard Saulsbury
Judith Saxton
Joanne and Joe Scafi di
Mary Scarpelli
Mary Schaer
Lynette and Bill Schamber
Adele and Anthony Schepige
Sherry Scheinman
Kathy Schell
Patricia Schmidt
Cecilia Schmitt
Barbara Schnacky
Shirley and Michael Schrunk
Leroy and Janet Schultz
Jennifer and Karl Schulz
Cathleen and Gary Scott
Anthony Scribner
Sharon and Alvin Segal
Lois and William Shatzer
Deborah and Clyde Shaver
Karey Shawe
Maureen Sheedy
Denise Shier
Virginia and Wilbur Shilling
Joye Shoemaker
Elizabeth Sigmund
Lori and Mark Silverman
Wanda and Morris Silverman
Marlene Singlehurst
Sandra Sjostrom
Heidi and David Slater
Estelle Slawson
Rosemary Sloop
Barbara Smith
Dale and Leilani Smith
Julie Smith
Mary and Gene Smith
Neil Smith
Roberta and Mark Smith
Rosalee Smith
Victoria and Dan Smith
Barbara Snider
Mary Snider
Kathleen and John Somers
Glenda Sonies
Timothy and Kim Spaulding
Leslie Steele
Susan and Michael Steele
Dannelle Stevens
Heather Stevens
Frances Stewart
James and Janet Stewart
Patricia Stewart
Janet Stinson
Carol and Robert Stockwell
Patricia Stoddard
Juliette Stoering
Tracy and Chris Stout
Paul Stratman
Amy Straw
Karen and Michael Strejc
Cindy Strid
Thomas and Windi Struck
Laura Strudwick
Kathryn Suiter
Caroline and Michael Sullivan
Justine Sutton
Donna Swanson
Detra and James Swenson
Paul and Catherine Switalla
Marie Svinth
Ann Tabshy
Robert and Deidre Tamlyn
Vaughn Tappan
Sandra Tashima
Elizabeth Tate
Peter Taylor
Nancy Teller
Sally Templeman
Douglas TenEyck
Gayle and Donald Thieman
Kate Thomason
Eileen and Gary Thoni
Suzanne Thornton
Ann and John Timm
David Tisler
Beverly Tolman
Clifford Townsend
Hoi Tran
James Trujillo
Jean and George Tupper
Michele Turner
Gail Turney
Scott Urbatsch
Virginia and Paul Vanture
Terence Verlo
Janice and David Vigna
Elizabeth and Steven Vuylsteke
Lyndee Wallace
Joseph and Rachel Walker
Annette Walton
Barbara and Edward Ward
Jan Waters
Tracy Waters
Carolyn and Craig Weaver
Betty and Eugene Webber
Ellen Weeks
Gary and Emma Weeks
Gary and Barbara Welander
Jeannine Welding
Charlotte Wells
Patricia and Mark Wells
April Wetley
Vera White
Pamela Whiteman
Barbara Wiegele
Sandra Wilde
Matthew Wilding
Marilyn Wiley
Joanne Wilkie
Ronald and Wendy Wilson
Lynn Winkle
Louise Winter
Kristin Winters
Judy and Peter Witt
Gregory Wolleck
Fay and Peter Wong
Loreta and Wilbur Wood
David Woodford
Amy Woodruff

GSE program news
The Inclusive Elementary Educators lead the way

This program is a full-time, two-year graduate degree program leading to a master’s degree. Students who complete the program are eligible to be licensed in the state of Oregon in both special and general education at the early childhood and elementary levels.

Three of the GSE’s guiding principles are at the center of the program’s philosophy: to create and sustain educational environments that serve students and address diverse needs, to encourage and model exemplary programs, and to develop programs to promote social justice. The core mission of the IE2P is the development of exemplary educators who are effective with all students.

Students in the program work with faculty from both the Curriculum and Instruction and Special Education Departments at PSU. The faculty periodically co-teach courses in which they provide students with a variety of perspectives and methods. The program is at the forefront of the national educational reform movement. It is one of only a handful of programs in the nation offering both dual licensure and an inclusive focus at the graduate level.

Program prepares Oregon’s school leaders

The Initial Administrator Licensure program is a national, award-winning program that prepares educators for leadership roles and responsibilities in elementary, secondary, and school district settings. Through the collaborative efforts of university faculty and administrators in cooperating school districts, the program offers engaging, highly integrated, research based experiences that are congruent with Oregon’s Teacher Standards and Practices Commission’s (TSPC) new requirements for the Initial Administrator License.

This initial program—along with the Continuing Administrator Licensure program for practicing administrators— prepares educators to serve the increasingly diverse communities of Oregon. Statewide accessibility makes the programs available to students in the Portland metro area, Salem, and Southern Oregon. Courses are applicable to the PSU Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership. Through this program, Portland State University produces more Oregon school administrators than any other university.

The Rehabilitation Counseling Specialization (RCS) receives accreditation

The RCS is one of four specializations in the Counselor Education Master’s Program, and is nationally accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education, having just received approval for an eight-year renewal cycle. During its 19 years of existence, more than 160 students have graduated from the program. These graduates have been employed in settings such as state and federal vocational rehabilitation programs, the Veteran’s Administration, university based services, psychiatric rehabilitation programs, mental health agencies, drug and alcohol agencies, the Oregon Commission for the Blind, independent living centers, private rehabilitation organizations (serving injured workers), pain clinics, special needs schools, and private practice.

In their capacities as rehabilitation counselors, these graduates work with a wide range of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, including those with physical, sensory, orthopedic, neurological, psychiatric, cognitive, behavioral, and social limitations.

The mission of the program is to provide students with a quality and well-balanced program of academic coursework and supervised clinical field experience in rehabilitation settings. Special emphasis is placed on maintaining facilitative working relationships with the rehabilitation community. The program seeks to train professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life and vocational self sufficiency of people with chronic illness and disabilities. A particular concern is recruiting and addressing the needs of traditionally underrepresented student and client populations.

Secondary Dual Educators address diverse classrooms

June 2007 marked the graduation of the first cohort to complete the Secondary Dual Educator Program. This is one of only a few teacher licensure programs in the nation that offers both dual endorsements in special education and a content area (for middle/secondary levels) and a master’s degree in one program. The program focuses on teacher leadership, collaboration for responsible inclusion, and the knowledge and skills for teaching English language learners.

High school drop-out rates—highest among students with disabilities—reflect the need for schools and individual teachers to be able to work more effectively with learning differences. These students are uniquely qualified to manage the diverse learning needs of students in today’s classrooms. They are competent in a wide repertoire of research-based teaching strategies. Their preparation enables them to build bridges between content-area and special education secondary teachers. Graduate Kristin Grazer reports, “I feel like I am so much better prepared to teach any student who comes through my door.”

The faculty and graduates from this program reported a significant number of signed employment contracts in the month of June. Many of the graduates were actively recruited by administrators who were amazed by the level of competency achieved in this program.

Innovative Autism Center expands

Joel Arick and the staff of the PSU Autism Training and Research Center have a big job ahead of them. The incidence of autism is on the rise, not only in Oregon, but nationally as well. According to the Center for Disease Control, the number of children who have been identified with autism spectrum disorders has increased 500 percent in the last 10 years. Fortunately, Dr. Arick has devoted the last 30 years to autism research.

In 1997, Dr. Arick and his team, Helen Young, Ruth Falco, David Krug, and Lauren Loos, began a five-year study to identify the best methods of instruction for children with autism disorders. The study’s results became a significant resource for planning successful strategies for working with children with autism. (See Autism Outcome Study, www. As a result, they developed two curriculum products, STAR (Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research, 2004) and FACTER, (Functional Assessment and Curriculum for Teaching Everyday Routines, 2004) to assist teachers and professionals in using the most effective life-skill and education strategies in their classrooms. The team also worked with school districts, the Oregon Department of Education, regional programs, and ESDs to form 20 autism training sites around the state (Regional Program Autism Training Site Project). These sites provide critical training to special educators and teachers outside the Portland Metro area.

“The STAR program is extremely effective. Every child who has come into the program has shown dramatic progress,” remarked Laura La Marsh, an autism specialist with the Northwest Regional Education Service District. It’s an exciting time for the PSU Autism Center as it continues to expand and provide resources where few existed before. The PSU Autism Center has added staff in order to accommodate the new work and has recently been awarded two new grants from the state, totaling $152,911, to serve this population.

Special advisors lend a hand

The GSE Advisory Council serves in a consulting role to the dean of the Graduate School of Education and acts as an important advocate for the school. The objectives of the GSE Advisory Council are to:

  • Increase the visibility and image of the GSE in the community
  • Provide strategic advice and support to the dean on a variety of issues
  • Make important connections for the GSE to the external community
  • Advocate and promote positive public relations for the school
  • Develop funding priorities and strategies for the school

The expertise, counsel, and participation of the GSE Advisory Council, individually and as a group, contribute to achieving the overall goals of the Graduate School of Education.

Students come in all sizes in the GSE. These students work with materials at the Helen Gordon Child Development Center.

Advisory Council members

  • Julia Brim-Edwards, Director for State and Public Affairs, Nike (co-chair)
  • Bruce Samson, retired Corporate Counsel, NW Natural (co-chair)
  • Morgan Anderson, Education Manager, Intel
  • Gale Castillo, Executive Director, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber
  • Jackie Cooke, teacher, West Gresham Grade School
  • Terry Kneisler, Superintendent, Reynolds School District
  • Rob Larson, Federal Liaison, Oregon Department of Education
  • Fred D. Miller, retired Executive Vice President, PGE
  • Jane Morrow, retired teacher, Chair of Friends of the GSE
  • Vicki Phillips, Superintendent, Portland Public Schools
  • Preston Pulliams, President, Portland Community College
  • Carol Thomas, CEO, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
  • Maxine Thompson, Executive Director, Leaders Roundtable
  • Marta Thrasher, alumna and community leader
  • Carol Turner, consultant and founder, Leadership for Action
  • Courtney Vanderstek, Assistant Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Oregon Education Association
  • Yvette Webber-Davis, Director, Education Policy and Inclusion, OUS
  • Duncan Wyse, Executive Director, Oregon Business Council

Consortium for Professional Education

The purpose of the PSU Consortium for Professional Education is to serve as an advisory body to the Graduate School of Education to review, evaluate, and make recommendation on the design, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of preK-12 licensure programs.

Consortium members Administrators

  • Chris Griffith (chair), Assistant Principal, Sunrise Middle School, North Clackamas SD
  • Mark Moser, Human Resources Director, Beaverton School District
  • Frank Scotto, Principal, Metropolitan Learning Center, Portland Public Schools
  • Paul Steger, Principal, Portsmouth Middle School
  • Robert Tinnin, PSU Professor Emeritus, Superintendent, Horizon Christian Schools
  • Kelvin Webster, Associate Director, Department of Instruction, Multnomah ESD
  • Teachers/Personnel Specialists
  • Daphne Bussey, Rosa Park Elementary School, Portland Public Schools
  • Michael Potter, Oak Grove Elementary School, North Clackamas School District
  • Anne Ryan, Heritage High School, Evergreen School District

PSU Faculty

  • Micki Caskey, Curriculum and Instruction, Graduate School of Education
  • Julie Esparza Brown, Director, Bilingual Teacher Pathway Program, Graduate School of Education
  • Ann Fullerton (chair), Special Education, Graduate School of Education
  • Ellen Reuler, Clinic Director, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Science


  • Elizabeth Fouther-Branch, Special Education, Chapman Elementary School, Portland Public Schools
  • Deborah Miller, doctoral student, Director of Licensure, Graduate School of Education
  • Angie Mauer, graduate student, Graduate School of Education.

Graduate School of Education programs 2006-07

Doctoral degree (EdD)

  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Master’s degrees – MA, MEd, MS, (MAT/MST, with other departments)

  • Counselor Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educational Media/Librarianship
  • Educational Policy, Foundations, and Administrative Studies
  • Special Education

Master’s degree with licensure programs

  • Inclusive Elementary Educator
  • Secondary Dual Educator

Licensure programs (may combine with a master’s degree)

  • Bilingual Teacher Pathway
  • Continuing Administrator License
  • Early Intervention/Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Media Initial Licensure
  • Graduate Teacher Preparation Program
  • Initial Administrator License
  • International Teacher Education
  • School Counseling Initial License
  • Special Educator Initial and Continuing License
  • Visually Impaired Learner Initial License


  • Added Elementary
  • AddSPED
  • Educational Media and Librarianship
  • ESL/Bilingual
  • Reading
  • ReadOregon (joint OUS online reading endorsement)

Graduate Certificates

  • Addictions Counseling
  • Couples, Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • Student Services in Higher Education (spring ‘07)
  • Teaching Adult Learners (spring ‘07)

Credit Certificates of Completion

  • Autism
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • E-Learning
  • Infant and Toddler Mental Health
  • Intercultural Capacity
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Training and Development

Noncredit Certificates of Completion

  • Negotiation/Mediation
  • Social Services Competency Based Training
  • Therapy with Adoptive Children

Major grants and awards

July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007

Joel Arick – Special Education and Counselor Education

Closing of Career and Life Role Assessment System Project

Oregon Department of Education,



Joel Arick – Special Education and Counselor Education

Early Childhood

Oregon Department of Education,



Jim Bickford – Special Education andCounselor Education

Underserved Area – Braille, Reading, Assessment, Independent Living, Low Vision, Learning Media and EducationalServices for Children and Youth in Under

Served Areas (BRAILLE-USA)

U.S. Department of Education, $784,449


Susan Lenski – Curriculum and Instruction Reading Texts to Learn Content:Redesigning the Preparation of Science and Math Teacher Candidates to Promote

Adolescent Reading Comprehension

Carnegie Corporation, $100,000


Susan Lenski – Curriculum and Instruction Developing a Statewide Content Area

Teacher Education Network through Communities of Practice

Western Oregon University/U.S.

Department of Education, $127,212


Leslie Munson and Julie Esparza Brown -Special Education and Counselor Education

Pathways to Preparing Culturally Responsive Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Educators

U.S. Department of Education, $799,994

12/12/06 – 12/31/10

Pramod Parajuli – Educational Policy, Foundations, and Administrative Studies

WISE Website – Whole Systems Integrated Sustainable Design for Education

Environmental Protection Agency,



Paula Stanovich – Special Education and Counselor Education

Inclusive Elementary Educators Project

U.S. Department of Education,



Dilafruz Williams and Pramod Parajuli – Educational Policy, Foundations, and Administrative Studies

Restoring Johnson Creek Watershed through Learning Gardens in Schools and Neighborhoods

Metro: Nature in the Neighborhoods

Grant Program, $25,000


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